Photo by: Paul Schiller

# 43 - Aspen

Artist Reven Swanson
Hometown Denver, CO
Size 15’H x 10’W x 10’D
Material Steel
Price $4,000

“Aspen” reminds us of peering through a colorful canopy as the swaying, kinetic motion invites us to watch and observe the invisible wind currents.

Reven Swanson

Ms. Swanson began her professional career in 1987 by exhibiting her worksthroughoutreven_swanson.jpg the Colorado and Italian venues. Now her works are exhibited nationwide. Reven works in kinetic, metal, stone, glass, ceramic and fiber media.

The work resides in a significant number of public and private collections both nationally and internationally. Highlighted collectors are Ginny Williams Foundation, two works for the City of Fort Collins, CO, Lamar Community College and Martin Marietta Astronautics Group.

As an assistant, Ms. Swanson has helped to complete large outdoor works for theChicago Pier Walk and The White House.

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