Quarry Moons

057--Quarry Moons.jpg
Photo by: Paul Schiller

# 57 - Quarry Moons

Artist Shawn Morin
Hometown OH
Size 66”H, 27”W, 22”D
Material Quartz & Stainless
Location Phillips between 11th & 12th
Price $4,000

"There are fourteen different stones in the piece, Pennsylvania Black Granite (with white swirls), India Black Granite(jet black), Canadian Black Granite (2 half inch stripes), South Dakota Granite (purple), Barre, VT Granite (gray with large crystal), Georgia Granite (gray with small crystals),Egyptian Granite (multi colored near the top of the piece), Wisconsin Red Granite, Swedish Blue Pearl Granite, Georgia Etowah Pink Marble, and Colorado White Yule Marble. The white marble quarries in particular, are a sight to see at night under a full moon."