Under Pressure



Under Pressure

Rik Beuselinck

Beernem, Belgium


Photo by
Paul Schiller

Humanity now faces pressures of many different kinds. The human population is becoming larger and larger all of the time but the earth and its amount of food and raw materials remain constant. The question is how many pressures can both humans and the earth take?

Rik Beuselink

As an artist I am self-educated. Technical knowledge gathered from high school and years of experience are responsible for the fact that Art in metal has no secrets for me anymore. Metal is my elixir of life, no other material is capable of giving me the same satisfaction. Every day again I am moved by this hard, tough, heavy mineral originating from mother Earth. It’s like a wild, rebellious creature that needs to be mastered, once tamed it is pure bliss. Creating a work of Art is talking with your hands, emotion is reforged into concrete shapes coming directly from the guts and the heart. I work in Corten-steel, metal, stainless steel and copper for both indoors and outdoors. My preference goes towards monumental sculptures. The expression that I would like to give to a sculpture and my emotional condition are determinating factors to choose for one or another material. Each sculpture is an unique piece of Art, There are no casts made of the sculptures. Rik has exhibitions on different locations in Belgium, in Brussels (Belgium), Aardenburg (Holland), Hamburg(Germany), Paris, Toulouse (France) and Sioux Falls, New York (United States). To see and purchase other works of art by this sculptor visit: rikbeuselinck.be.

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