The Eagle and The Hawk

Photo by: Paul Schiller

# 11 - The Eagle and The Hawk

Artist Joellen Domenico
Hometown Lafayette, CO
Size 7’H x 4’W x 4’D
Material Bronze/Stone
Price $28,000

Battling wing-to-wing and spinning circles high in the sky, both the eagle and red tail hawk try desperately to escape the powerful talons and the ferocious beak of the other.

Joellen Domenico

I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder studying fine arts and French Joellen_Domenico.jpglinguistics. I was also fortunate to spend a semester studying in France, which expanded my world, allowing an even greater appreciation of culture and artwork at a most impressionable time in my life.

Currently, I operate my own graphic design company creating computer graphics, primarily for print collateral. I also do sculpture works in bronze and, recently, in combinations of bronze and stone. And, I work in pastels. Most of my work centers around my love for animals, but I also find great beauty in the human figure. My desire is not only to create form, musculature, and movement, but more importantly, to capture the true essence, to embody and portray the beauty and magnificence of each creature.

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