Cultural Pedestrians

Photo by: Paul Schiller

# 52 - Cultural Pedestrians

Artist Sue Quinlan
Hometown Boulder, CO
Size 6’H x 8”W x 6”D
Material Concrete/Steel
Price $5,400

The unique feature of my work is the physical representation of the different cultures in a manner that directs us to come forward, look, feel and assimilate with Cultural Pedestrians who may be quite different from themselves.

Sue Quinlan

Sue Quinlan’s work explores how artifacts can help people connect with universal humansue_quinlan.jpg  experience and explore its personal meaning. Her fusion of cultural icons illuminates the connection we all share, including our joys and struggles with ubiquitous events like birth, death and human relationships. These same ideas have compelled people throughout time and were frequently expressed through their art. Sue’s use of artifact imagery reminds each of us of the many constants in the human drama. The pieces are pillars of steel and white or gray concrete that incorporate images and symbols from an array of cultures.

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