2016 Awards

2016 People's Choice Award

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people visit SculptureWalk and vote for their favorite sculpture. This year's People's Choice honor goes to artists Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby for their sculpture "Maestro!"  Featuring a xylophone and chimes, the interactive piece entertained young and old alike. Congratulations to Lee and Sherri and thank you for all of your years of commitment to SculptureWalk.

This piece will be purchased by the city of Sioux Falls and added to their permanent collection.

Maestro by Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby
Maestro by Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby

‘Best of Show’ Awards

The Best of Show awards are a part of a generous grant from the Scoular Family Trust to provide a monetary award for excellence in sculpture. Named the Virtuoso honor, artists jury each other’s work to select the Best of Show awards. The overall winner receives $2,000 and all honorees are rewarded with $1,000. The program was established in 2016 and is designed to recognize great works art and as an incentive artists to place their sculptures in Sioux Falls.

Best of Show | $3,000 Award

James Green, SD - Arctic Huntress - Bronze

Best of Show II Awards | $1,000 Award for Each Sculptor

(Alphabetical Order)

Jennifer Cannon, CA - Illusory Control – Stainless Steel

Bobbie Carlyle, CO - Sunriser - Bronze

Ben Hammond, UT - Angel Anchored in the Art Nouveau - Bronze

James Maher, SD - Fruits of the Good Earth - Bronze

Jerry McKellar, WA - When Pelts Were Wealth - Bronze

Osamede Obazee, CA - Echo – Hammered Steel

LeRoy Transfield, UT - Ascension of the Beggar - Bronze

Neil Wiffill, IN - Dawn’s Calling - Scagliola

Jade Windell, CO - Why Oh Why – Colorado Marble