2021 Awards

2021 SculptureWalk Best of Show Winners

SculptureWalk’s Virtuoso Best of Show winners represent the best-of-the-best sculptures as judged on artistic merit and creativity by SculptureWalk sculptors. The top sculpture is “Maximus Moose” by South Dakota’s own Travis Sorenson from Belle Fouche.

The winning artists receive a cash award made possible by a gift from the Scoular Family Trust and become eligible to be named a Virtuoso Sculptor.


Best of Show | $2,000 Award

Maximus Moose – Travis Sorenson



Best of Show II Awards | $1,000 Award for Each Sculptor

91019 - Jennifer Cannon* New Virtuoso Sculptor

Son of Odin - Ben Hammond*

Triangulations - Pati Stajcar

The Last Whistle - Ken Newman


Best of Show II Awards - Tie | $500 Award for Each Sculptor

Twisted Toad - Christine Knapp

Wind Spirit - Jerry McKellar


*Ben Hammond, Travis Sorenson and Jennifer Cannon have achieved SculptureWalk Virtuoso Sculptor Certification and will now be recognized as Virtuoso Sculptors.

Sculptures are judged by their peers for artistic merit and creativity.

Artists winning three Best of Shows over their career will be honored as a SculptureWalk Virtuoso Sculptor. All Virtuoso Sculptors will receive prominent status and honorariums of $2,000 per year going forward.